Redesigning Redesign

The problem.

The Transportation Security Administration ( TSA ) has a reputation in people's minds as the "people who make you late for your flight" at the airport. They came to us ( Sapient ) because they wanted to become more aligned on the public’s need for information to make travel safer and the checkpoint less stressful. They believed ( and we agreed ) their website was a good place to start to turn the public's opinion.


Research and heuristics led us to understand the gaps between what people ( the public, employees, press ) needed from and what they were providing users. Then, we defined a framework of what they need to online:  

  • Show transparency, authenticity, relevant and timely information
  • Use simple, clear, concise information to help users get through security in the most efficient and convenient way
  • Set the traveling public’s expectations about the dynamic nature of “what we do”
  • Portray employees as an intelligent, skilled workforce-best at what they do
  • Explain TSA’s role in protecting the nation’s transportation systems as a part of Homeland Security

My role.

I was teamed up with an Sr. Information Architect/Project Manager with whom I worked seamlessly on every  aspect of the project, including these research activities:

  • A survey of 200 subjects
  • Interviews with the traveling public
  • 10 TSA staff interviews
  • TSA web metrics
  • Idea Factory submissions
  • Reports from the TSA Contact Center (TCC) were analyzed

as well as design and deliverables: 

  • A Research Findings Report
  • A Heuristic Website Assessment
  • A Web Strategy
  • Wireframes and Functional Specifications
  • Hi-fidelity comps
  • A Style Guide

 *NOTE: this project took up most of 2008, an election year. And as the year came to a close, the lame duck administration had one foot out the door, and sadly, with them went all this work. With a few small exceptions, the of 2008 has remained primarily unchanged to this day.


Other team members were Chris Carlson (IA) & Autumn Wilkins (Design)


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