Citi Strategy

CitiMortgage: A Program Strategy

The problem.

CitiMortgage and Citi Home Equity wanted to find a creative way to offer their employees special mortgage discounts. They suggested a couple of banner ads, but as Creative Director of the team, I proposed a program that would engage the employees, online and off. 


From interviewing employees, we learned they were mostly in the dark about employee benefits. Internal marketing was poorly executed. So we should leverage the existing Citi employee web site to facilitate a fun, engaging way to learn about employee mortgage benefits.

  • The key to awareness is word-of-mouth, we must facilitate that happening as much as we can. Get people talking.
  • Increase awareness, launch a mini-website with a buzz, create an engaging marketing program that involves employees.
  • Provide an environment that encourages people to connect with others in the Citi Family, reinforcing the notion of belonging to a community.

My role.

  • Conduct employee interviews ( about 12 ) who are currently in the market for a mortgage or have already secured a mortgage with Citi. Inquire about their awareness of the program. If unaware, share the details of the program and elicit feedback. 
  • Author a strategy document that analyzes a fun marketing approach, with research findings synthesized into high-level concepts. 
  • Build a model which describes the Awareness > Trial > Conversion Business retail practice, that illustrates the value of web engagement plus word-of-mouth to achieve sales.
  • Author a creative strategy for the team.
  • Lead a creative team to make beautiful concepts, with online and offline executions.
  • Create a user flow diagram.
  • Author a roadmap for launch.
  • Present to various Citi clients and marketing executives.


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